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Welcome to Investigators!


Your child will be in one of our nursery classes: Explorers or Investigators. A ‘key person’ is allocated for your child; this person will talk to you about your child’s development and establish a significant relationship with your child.


The key person should be the person you talk to if you have any questions or concern.


We want you to bring your child into the nursery at the start of the session to say ‘Hello’.


This is also where you will need to collect your child after story time at the end of the session.


Meet the team

Lead Teacher               Michelle Bryan      (Communication & Language, Mathematics,  Arts

                                                                 Expressive and Design)

Teacher                       Amanda Depeza     (Physical Development, PSED, Understanding

                                                                  the world, Expressive Arts and Design)


Early Years Educator   Cheryl Burke


Early Years Educator    Ella Stewart


Early Years Educator    Cecilia Trujillo


Early Years Assistant   Stephanie Boateng


Early Years Assistant   Marisol Suarez


Early Years Assistant   Yasmin Maull


Early Years Assistant   Julie Gwilliam