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Parents in Partnership summer newsletter



Dear Parent Carers, there are still spaces available on the Disability Youth Project Summer Schemes for 8-25 year olds with disabilities, autism and additional needs.


Please see attached further info and do not worry that the deadline for applications has passed. Contact or telephone 07990790183 for more info.


    • Week 1 is for 14-18 year olds based at Bensham Manor School from the 24th-28th July


    • Week 2 is for 8-13 year olds based at Bensham Manor School from the 31st July-4th August


    • Week 3 is for 19-25 year olds based at Waddon Youth Centre from the 7th – 11th August
    • Please see the documents below
A drop-in for pregnant and breastfeeding mums and families. Relax and join us for coffee, support and information.
Come into Selhurst and ask Sonya for your own Baby feeding cue ring.
It is not just tiny, little kids we would suggest up to the age of five the kids are more at risk because they don't chew as well, their swallowing is not quite as coordinated and they get distracted when they are eating. Parents and carers should chop up soft fruits such as grapes and cherry tomatoes into quarters before giving them to children, and make sure youngsters are supervised while eating.
Volunteers needed/Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes.
Try and read for 10 minutes every day, the effects will last a lifetime!
Events at South Norwood Library.
This is an outline of the usual developmental progress for a two year old child. It is intended as a guideline for parents and it is important to remember that all children are different and children can vary in the age at which they achieve the same skill. If you are concerned about any aspect of your child's development, nutrition or behaviour contact your Health Visitor and make an appointment to see her.
Independent Support: Education, Health and Care Plans.
To enable you to meet with a midwife in addition to your allocated ante natal appointments.
Get help and support learning on line skills: Get skills, get support, get connected every Friday from 9-4pm.
There are over one million people of all ages in England who have a learning disability. Only 200,000 of these currently appear on GP registers. Nearly one million people are missing from this register and not getting the health check to which they are entitled. Do not assume that your GP will have automatically registered your child on the learning disability register. Contact them now to make sure that our children receive the best possible health care now and in the future.
Chill'n'Chat Special is weekly group for parents and carers of children with special needs. We recognise that all children are unique and they all develop and learn at different rates. Your child does not need to have a formal diagnosis for you to attend these sessions.
Difficulties around eating? We may be able to help:Healthy eating; Tantrums at mealtimes; Refusing to sit down with the family; Fussy eating; Refusing certain foods; Family stress Constant snacking; Demanding unhealthy foods; Helping themselves in the fridge/cupboards.
Childminders & Pre-school list eligible for 2 year old funded places.
PRISM is the new umbrella name for a group of organisations that you may have already heard of in Croydon; The National Autistic Society (NAS), Parents In Partnership (PiP), Jubilee Parenting, and Woodlands Children's Centre. We will now be working closely together to provide services to families of children with special needs in the borough, supported by Croydon Council.
Early contact before 12 weeks of pregnancy to maternity services is important to ensure best care for you and your baby.
Information about where to go for Pregnancy & English classes.
This takes place at Broad Green library every monday 10-11 am