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Who's Who

Children Centre



Executive Head Teacher

Jaqi Stevenson


Deputy Head Teacher

Katy Darby


 Operations Manager

  Lisa Hodson


Universal Services Coordinator

Frank Morgan


Early Years Educators

Catherine Oduku

Janet Kerr


Early Years Assistants

Dorothy Maxwell

Priscilla Whyte

Rajia Ahmed

Sivasakthy Balakrishnan

Sonya Kalsi

Susan Nichol

Taslim Rahim


Outreach Workers

Samantha Parslow


 Premises Team




Premises Officer

Paul O'Keefe



Jasper Carr

Janette Kenton


Governing Board



Clerk to Governing Board

Octavo Clerking Services


Chair of Governors

Clark Dunstan


Vice Chair

Sue King


Head of Federation

Jaqi Stevenson


LA Governor

Damian Clark


Staff Governor

Sylvie Nichol


Parent Governors

Anthony Fernandez


Sparkle Bulku


Co-opted Governors

Jenny Bennett


Rebecca Hill


Michelle McCann


Janet Kerr