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Who's Who

Selhurst Nursery



Executive Head Teacher


Jaqi Stevenson




Rachel Le


Nursery Teacher


Amanda Depeza

Paige Morgan

Neha Patel


Early Years Educators


Raxa Dholakia

Nicola Gardner

Jo Ransley

Loraine Slade

Sally Andrews

Mary Crinnegan

Early Years Assistants

Julie Gwilliam

Nikolinka Angelova

Jodi Patterson

Louise Brum-Hamilton

Released as full time GMB Union Rep


Nana Agyeman-Dua


Executive Officer


Denise Clements


Clerical Administrator


Dawn Bedi


Finance Administrator


Jennie Gilbertson


Assistant Administrator


Sonya Bertrand


Site Manager


Paul O'Keefe




Jasper Carr

Janette Kenton


Breakfast Club


Julie Gwilliam

Nikolinka Angelova


Lunch Time Club

Julie Gwilliam

Jodie Patterson

Louise Brum-Hamilton


Governing Board



Clerk to Governing Board


Octavo Clerking Services


Chair of Governors


Clark Dunstan


Vice Chair


Debbie Turner


Executive Head of Federation


Jaqi Stevenson


Staff Governor


Jeni Murphy


Co-opted Governors



Michelle McCann - Finance

Katy Sparrow Robins

Damian Clark - Safeguarding

Jenny Bennett - SEND

Maddie Henson

1 x Vacancy


Parent Governors

3 x Vacancies